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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Dec 9, 2021

Is it normal to want dating without hook-ups? And what if you don’t even know who you want to date?

When you’re on the asexual spectrum with bisexual attractions, it can be confusing to chart desire and create a relationship that works for you. Alice from South Africa talks about having very little sex education and a low sex drive, but still finding her way.

Alice is a 23-year-old cisgender female. She describes herself as white, and single. She’s not sure how to define her sexual orientation yet (though it’s probably not straight), and she’s probably monogamous, but clarified “I’m only 23 years old, so who knows?”  She grew up in South Africa and describes her body as thin.


  • Asexuality
  • Demi-sexuality
  • Lack of Sex Education
  • Consent
  • Sexual orientation
  • What is “queer enough”?
  • Does virginity matter

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