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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Jan 17, 2019

In this episode of Good Girls Talk About Sex, we talk with Sharon, a 58-year-old, cis-gendered female who describes herself as Caucasian, straight, single and monogamous.

Sharon opens up about her night of many firsts: first date, first kiss, and first unwanted sexual experience. This episode celebrates the pleasures of solo sex and remaining sexual while growing older.

Here are some of the great moments Sharon shared:

  • [4:18] – The fateful phone call that could have been for Sharon or her sister
  • [11:41] – The book her parents gave her in lieu of talking to her about sex
  • [13:23] – The best piece of advice Sharon ever got about sex
  • [20:45] – How getting older is affecting her body’s physical response (but she’s still multi-orgasmic!)
  • [27:42] – The death of one of Sharon’s sex toys and having to buy a new one
  • [35:53] – THE QUICK FIVE

Mentioned in this episode:
She Bop – A women-owned sex toy boutique in Portland, Oregon

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Host – Leah Carey (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email)

Editor – Leah Carey

Music by – Nazar Rybak