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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Feb 20, 2020

Timari is a 37-year-old, cis-gender woman who describes herself as white, straight, monogamous, married and the mother of two children.

She is a listener who contacted me to say that she’d like to talk about her history with abortion, because it hadn’t been addressed much on the show yet. Along the way, we also talk about being raised in the Mormon church, being in an abusive marriage and cheating, and her sex life with her current husband.

Here are some of the notable moments she shared with us:

  • 4:40 – Timari’s first memory of being told not to touch herself
  • 6:00 – What she considers the benefits of frequent masturbation, especially early in life
  • 7:40 – Her first experience with a penis
  • 11:00 – The impact of sex ed
  • 15:05 – Growing up in a Mormon home
  • 19:28 – Timari’s “fuck buddy”
  • 23:20 – Feeling empowered by childbirth and sex after giving birth
  • 24:50 – Watching her sisters get involved in abusive relationships
  • 27:30 – Her decision to leave the LDS church over their stance on homosexuality
  • 29:45 – Timari’s curiosity about polyamory
  • 30:20 – Healing from the emotional impact of her own extramarital activity
  • 32:00 – How her current relationship satisfies her emotionally and romantically
  • 32:20 – Her history with abortion

The Lowdown (37:30):

  • What kind of touch do you enjoy most?
  • What are your hard red lines?
  • Are there sexual things you’ve tried that you never want to do again?

The Patreon extras for this episode are:

  • At the $1/month level, Timari talks about learning to be comfortable with her period thanks to a boy she dated when she was young
  • At the $5/month level, Timari talks about the abortion process and the aftermath in her first marriage
  • At the $7/month level, that conversation plus the extended Q&A
  • At the $10/month level, all that plus a monthly Ask Me Anything!

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