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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Jul 2, 2020

Leah has asked many of her interviewees how many sexual partners they’ve had. The answers, in their surprisingly wide variety, show that there is no “normal.” This also opens up a discussion about what “counts” as sex.

Here’s a Thought: Your sexual desires don’t always overlap with your romantic relationship preferences. You can be attracted to and visually stimulated by both men and women, but maybe you only want to engage in long-term committed partnerships with men—or vice versa.


Bookmarks for this episode:

  • 6:38 – Chorus of voices answering “How many people have you had sex with?”
  • 10:33 - Leah gives her “number” and discusses what “sex” means.
  • 16:00 - “Am I Normal?” This week’s caller asks if being attracted to women means her heterosexual marriage is over.
  • 21:55 - When *not* to ask your husband for a threesome.
  • 23:40 - Our sexual desires and our relationship styles don’t always match up.


"Pimp That Pod" recommendation:

The Change Over by Alanna Sparrow

Highlighted episode - White Privilege v. Black Punishment


Resources mentioned:

  • Literotica is an online collection of user-submitted erotic fiction and fantasy. You can find stories of all types at  For stories specifically about lesbian sex, go to  You can search for any other topic that might be of interest at  Please be aware that many pages will have sexy pictures and/or ads for porn sites.  You do not need to click on any of these to use the site.
  • Feminist porn – Watching explicit sexual acts can help you understand what turns you on, however most of the available porn is focused on male satisfaction and neglects the woman’s pleasure. Feminist porn directors create explicit material in a way that’s not objectifying or degrading to women. The following are a selection of directors and websites. PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR PORN!


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