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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Mar 4, 2021

Tee is unhappily married, and unhappy with her sex life—like so many people. Also like too many, she experiences the lingering impacts of sexual assault. She’s doing the work of setting boundaries, trying to provide a good example for her kids, and is still hoping someday she’ll find a communicative and loving partner.


Bookmark moments: 

  • 3:33 - Tee shares her first memory of sexual pleasure around age 16, having an electrifying first kiss with an annoying boy.
  • 9:13 - Tee talks about growing up in a conservative Baptist congregation, then opens up about seeing her parents’ marital difficulties and the lingering impacts that has had on her relationships even to present day.
  • 12:22- She is aware of the impact of spousal/parental yelling on her own kids.
  • 12:45 - Tee is a masturbation late-bloomer. She felt behind her peers growing up, in all sexual matters.
  • 15:05 - She loses her virginity and discovered that too much size matters.
  • 17:33 - Her next lover takes his time and explains things.
  • 18:50 - Tee talks about body image, being a tall woman.
  • 25:13 PJ Parties for Grownups!
  • 30:40 - A month after she gets engaged, Tee discovers she is pregnant. She miscarries at 5 months. The relationship doesn’t survive.
  • 35:31 - She bumps into a childhood friend.
  • 37:23 - Tee delves into the downturn in their sexual relationship. He tells her she is sexually immature. A quantity vs quality discussion ensues.
  • 40:34 - A birthday dinner for her husband leads to sex gone awry and a lot of resentment. Communication was never good and has since broken down. He is ill and she stays out of obligation.
  • 46:08 - Tee is contemplating a different future, for herself and her children.
  • 49:42 - Men wanting to engage in three-ways with her and another woman makes her uncomfortable. Do all men want that?


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