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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Nov 19, 2020

Even people who think they’re sexually open have hard red lines. This week Leah digs into discerning where your absolute no’s are, why they might be there, and how to share them with your partner(s).


Bookmark moments:

  • 3:42 – A chorus of voices answer the question, “What are your hard red lines?”
  • 14:40 - Leah talks about her own hard red lines, a surprising number of which have to do how she is treated rather than specific act.
  • 17:58 - Leah talks about both setting boundaries and defending them when it comes to your red lines.
  • 19:19 - Pain tolerance, and how it can increase during sex, is discussed.
  • 20:03 - Leah shares her process for vetting and setting boundaries with new partners in terms of safety and play.


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