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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Dec 26, 2019

It's been a year! In this final episode of 2019, we revisit some of our most popular conversations so far.

We've got excerpts from the Q&A portions from episodes featuring Danielle, Betsy, Jessi, and Michelle. Much of this material ended up on the cutting room floor the first time around, so it’s all-new content for regular listeners (Patreon supporters got a sneak peek at these extended conversations when they first came out!)

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The full episodes for these four conversations can be found:

Danielle - Bad self-esteem but a great body

Betsy - When we started to explore kink

Jessi - Exploring queer sex

Michelle - A throbbing in my nether regions

Danielle's podcast: Marriage & Martinis

Jessi Kneeland's Instagram account

Michelle's favorite sex toy, Tracy's Dog, here.

Leah's favorite toy to use on a penis, the Tenga Egg, here.

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