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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Dec 23, 2021

Whether it’s secretly watching our parents’ porn or uninformative Sex Ed, most of us get inadequate information about sex.

Liz learned to pleasure herself early on, then followed her instincts about who to kiss and when to have sex for the first time. The same inner compass led her to leave two marriages and advocate for her libido.

Liz is a 44-year-old cisgender female. She describes herself as white, pansexual (with a strong heterosexual lean), probably monogamous, and mid-divorce. She has one child and is post-hysterectomy. She said hormonally she’s probably perimenopausal, and her body is very curvy.

Topics we cover:

  • Sex with a full bladder
  • Bisexual dating during high school
  • Abusive marriages
  • Porn use vs porn addiction
  • Decreased libido
  • Aromantic

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