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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Apr 22, 2021


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I've done this because not everyone has the means to pay for access, and I know this additional material can be deeply important for some listeners. But creating this show isn't free, so if...

Apr 15, 2021

Hope is trapped in a sexually repressive, emotionally abusive marriage shaped by the patriarchal traditions and relationship culture of her country of origin. With awareness comes healing, and she hopes to spread the message to other women that they are allowed to speak up, deserving of basic decency, and even worthy...

Apr 8, 2021

You don’t worry about having a bathtub masturbation addiction. Leah answers a listener’s questions about whether she has a porn addiction, and why she can’t orgasm with her husband. She talks about identifying the function of porn, not taking on shame, and navigating a relationship agreement around it.



Apr 1, 2021

Charlotte’s sexual journey has taken the deep bends—and openings—of the yoga she practices. She met her husband in a guru community, fled it, had two daughters, reclaimed her body, and is now exploring “high-fidelity” polyamory in several configurations.

Charlotte is a 45-year-old cisgender female. She...