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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Jan 20, 2022

What happens when you discover the reason you've never been interested in sex is that you've been having the wrong kind of sex for your body? And that the mismatch at the root of your loving-but-sexless marriage is that your spouse doesn't want that kind of sex?

Michelle, one of our most popular guests from the past,...

Jan 13, 2022

Surprise! It's a bonus episode! Leah shares how she became a featured guest on the #1 sex and relationship advice podcast, and why it is such a big deal for her.

Savage Lovecast episode -

Read excerpts of Leah's memoir-in-progress -

Jan 6, 2022

How can kink un-kink you? Cate is a sex educator who discovered for themselves that kink can be therapy for chronic pain, emotional overwhelm, and neurodivergent patterns. Cate shares how they manage being ADHD, demisexual, non-monogamous, and pansexual, after surviving growing up Catholic.

If you spend time thinking...