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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Jan 31, 2019

In this episode of Good Girls Talk About Sex, we talk with Stacey, a 45-year-old, cis-gendered female who describes herself as black, heterosexual, single, and non-monogamous.

While some may know the term ethical non-monogamy, it’s still not spoken about often in social circles. That can lead to the misconception that it’s rare, when in fact people of all types – and even in the most conservative communities – are engaging in various forms of open relationships. Stacey is totally down-to-earth, so she’s a great person to ease us into this conversation the first time. And stick around for the Quick Five, because Stacey gives an amazing lesson on how to become multi-orgasmic!

Here are some of the great moments Stacey shared:

  • 5:18 - Learning how to kiss with a cousin
  • 13:30 - The lack of affection in her childhood home
  • 15:45 - How her father’s emotional absence affects Stacey in her adult relationships
  • 23:12 - Raising a daughter to believe in her own sexual empowerment
  • 29:22 – Stacey discusses ethical non-monogamy
  • 38:15 - THE QUICK FIVE

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Host – Leah Carey (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email)

Editor – Gretchen Kilby

Music by – Nazar Rybak